For Example
S.NoMonthApproximate PriceInstallmentWeight
1 January 2300 5000 2.170
2 February 2400 3000 1.250
3 March 2500 1500 0.600
4 April 2600 1500 0.570
5 May 2700 2000 0.550
6 June 2800 2500 0.710
7 July 2700 2500 0.920
8 August 2600 3000 1.150
9 September 2500 3500 1.400
10 October 2400 5000 2.080
11 November 2300 5000 2.170
12 December 2400 10000 4.160
Approximately Weight of Gold available to you 17.730

Terms and benefits:

The monthly installments is to be continuously for 12 months.

After having paid all the installments for 12 months the member is entitled to purchase only Gold Jewellery for mentioned in the table.

Monthly installments may be paid by cash, demand draft or local cheques. Cheque/demand draft should be drown in favor of “C.D. JEWLLERY”

The installments can be paid from date of 1st to 30th or31st to every month as your convenience.

Members can buy Gold Jewellery only.

Defaulting members will be eligible for the benefits under the scheme only upon payments of all the twelve installments. In the other words, their eligibility would get postponed by the number of months they have defaulted.

Members who discontinue in the middle of the scheme shall not be eligible for any benefits of the scheme.

Members are advised to ensure that all payments made by them are correctly entered in the pass book and request to retain and submit their monthly payment receipts of the time of maturity. Any discrepancies must be immediately brought to our notice for rectification.

The management’s decision is final all matters of the scheme and the rules and regulations are subject to change without prior notice.

Government tax will be borne by the members only.

This scheme is monthly weight scheme. According to the monthly installment the gold weight will be added to your account and we can get 916 hall mark jewellery for without making and wastage charges equals to our gold weight.

The monthly installment is minimum Rs.1000/- and multiples of Rs.1000. Maximum you can pay up to 10000 per month.

Monthly installments must be paid according to that day's prevailing gold market rate.

The amount can be paid by cash, cheque on or before 31st of every month. The monthly installment cannot be paid in advance or carried over and advancement of maturity date also is not permitted.

After 12 months installments are paid completely, 13th-month you will purchase the 916 BIS-Hallmark Jewellery for without wastage and making charges.

In the case where the selected jewellery weights more than the weight accumulated in the chit, then the deference weight will be valued only for wastage and making charge at the prevailing rate as on the date of redemption plus the value addition that is applicable will be collected from the members.

In respect of members who would not pay continuously for 12 months so that accounts benefits would not be applicable. Gold jewels can be purchased only for the paid amount.

The scheme enables diamond, Platinum, real stones jewellery cannot purchased under this scheme. No cash payment will be given under any circumstances for the paid amount. Only we can purchase gold Jewells.

In this scheme tax will be borne by the members only.