Terms and benefits (GST will be borne by the members only):

The monthly installment is to be paid continuously for 12 months.

The installments should be paid on or before 15th of every months as your convince.

Monthly installments may be paid by cash, demand draft or local cheques. Cheque/ demand draft should be drawn in favors of “CD jewellery” and through our mobile app also.

After having paid all the installments for 12 months the member is entitled to purchase only mentioned in the table.

Will not accept one time deposit from defaulting members, who don’t pay their monthly premium regularly.

We reserve all rights to cancel the members who have not paid his/her premium continuously the 2 months.

Members who discontinue in the middle of the scheme shall not be eligible for any benefits of the scheme.Paid cash will be refund.

 GST / GOVT.Taxes will be applicable at the time of maturity & the same will be born by members only.

In case of loss of original Pass Book, duplicate passbook shall be issued after producing an affidavit. on closure of scheme the jewellery can be purchased only after producing the pass book.

Please inform immediately for any change in your address/Phone/Mobile

Members are advised to ensure that all payments made by them are correctly entered in the passbook and request to retain and submit their monthly payment receipts at the time of maturity.

The management’s decision is final all matters of the scheme and the rules and regulations are subject to change without prior notice.


Pay Rs.1300 for 12 months get below metioned items after maturity.

 4 Grams 916 Gold Jewellery.

 40 Grams Silver Jewellery.

 Crackers box.

 Sweet box.